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November 9, 2009

Hugo Boss Biography

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Hugo Ferdinand Boss founded a small clothing company in Metzingen in 1923 when he was 38 years old. The company is still based in this small town outside Stuttgart, Germany. The Failure of the Weimar republic and economic problems destroyed the company and it became bankrupt in 1930.

Success came from an unlikely source – from 1933, Boss produced the suits and uniforms of the SS in Nazi Germany.

Following the war, Hugo Boss was forced to pay a large fine, and was punished for being sympathetic to the Nazi cause and was denied the right to vote in Germany and ordered to pay a fine. His company survived the war however, and grew in the late 1940s and 1950s into a large and respected maker of menswea.

Hugo Boss died in 1948, but he had left the foundation and design ethic for a business that survives to this day. Embracing and celebrating masculinity throughout his creations, Boss Suits are popular thanks to the way in which they accentuate the male form.

The company moved into fragrances in the 1990s, The blends were intended to represent the region where Hugo Boss himself grew up, and reflect his upbringing that demonstrated a great love of natural themes and the beauty of Southern Germany.

Apart from suits, over the years Hugo Boss has branched out into shirts, ties, tuxedos, underwear, shoes, sunglasses including a range of mens cologne and womens fragrances.


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